To assist educators in fully integrating Mixed Company productions into their learning modules, we have developed teaching guides for each of our current works, and are making them available online.

We’re pleased to offer these guides to you free of charge, as our primary focus is on helping you and your learners bring your curriculum to life. For current Ontario curriculum requirements, please see the links below.

Forum Theatre Presentations

Our school Forum Theatre presentations can cover a range of topics, so we have developed a resource guide that educators can adapt to the topic(s) involved in the performance their students will be experiencing.

Ontario Curriculum Links

To learn how our programming connects with the Ontario curriculum, click the buttons below.

Previous Productions

Mixed Messages

Presentation on Sexual Assault and Consent

In Your Head

Presentation on Mental Health Ally-ship and Stigma

Half Full

Presentation on Youth Anxiety

PlastiCo: An Epic ECO-Adventure

Presentation on Environmental Awareness

Projet ACTIF

Alimentation saine, Activité physique, Prévention du mésusage de substances

Showdown 2.0

Presentation on Bullying, Cyber-Bullying


Presentation on Gang Prevention

A Fine Line

Presentation on Sexual Harassment

Project ACT

Presentation on Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Substance Misuse


Presentation on Anti-Bullying

The 10% Reality

Presentation on Challenging Bullying and Homophobia

The Bully Show: Clown in the Round

Presentation on Anti-Bullying for Elementary Schools

Under Pressure

Presentation on HIV and STI Awareness


Presentation on Cyberbullying

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