For many years, Mixed Company Theatre has been bringing our Forum Theatre programming to post-secondary schools throughout Ontario. Often booked for Orientation week events, our participatory style of theatre is an effective and engaging way to promote safety, wellness, and inclusion in post-secondary environments.  

Our programming offers students the opportunity to directly engage in social justice, mental health, and equity related topics through role playing and critical dialogue. Experienced facilitators lead each session so students feel comfortable and safe participating. 

This year, we are offering two branches of programming, designed for different learning objectives. Our Topic-Based Social Wellness Programming helps students understand, discuss, and find actionable solutions to a variety of social issues. Our Classroom Forum Theatre Training Workshops are designed to teach students the principles and application of using Forum Theatre in community-engaged work. See below for full program descriptions. 

Topic-Based Social Wellness Programming

This branch of our programming is designed to help students find realistic and effective strategies to overcome difficult situations they may encounter in their lives. Some topics we have covered include sexual violence and consent, peer pressure, and student mental wellbeing. Topics can be addressed in one of two program formats: Lightning Forum Theatre presentations, or Forum Theatre Workshops. 

In this option, we create and present a short play that depicts a worst case scenario of the chosen topic(s). This story will be presented by actors as the “first act” of the presentation. Then, students will be invited onto the stage by a trained facilitator to enact an “intervention” where they can either replace a character or suggest a change to the story for the better. A trained Forum Theatre facilitator (the Joker) prepares and encourages participants to replace the actors on the stage and to change the story in a constructive way. 

We have specialty presentation options available on some of our most requested topics – Presentation A tackles Sexual Violence + Consent, while Presentation B delves into Student Mental Health. If you are looking to cover other topics, write to us and we can discuss customizing a presentation for you! 

Our Forum Theatre workshops differ from the LFT presentations in that students will not be viewing a pre-built play, but will instead be exploring the chosen topic(s) through theatre exercises. These sessions are full of improvisational games and activities that prompt students to identify, engage with, and find actionable solutions to address those challenges.  

Sample topics we can address include: sexual violence and consent, racism, substance abuse, mental health, homophobia and transphobia, cultural biases and assumptions, conflict resolution, and harassment.

Classroom Forum Theatre Training Workshops

A group of people striking different physical poses in a workshop session.

In these workshop sessions, students experience a blend of critical discussion, participatory exercises, and video footage of MCT’s work to understand the Forum Theatre process.

Each session is led by one of our experienced facilitators and teaches best practices in using Forum Theatre today as a community engagement tool. 

We offer a “Forum Theatre Fundamentals” workshop that instructors can book which covers many of the important aspects of using theatre in community-engaged work. This session will cover topics like creating a safe space for discussion, using democratic decision making with communities, using the body to communicate complex social topics, analyzing dynamics of oppression, and understanding the overall process of a Forum Theatre project. 

If instructors have further learning objectives than what is covered in the “Forum Theatre Fundamentals” session, we can lengthen the experience. We can cover additional topics such as techniques for animating still images into Forum Theatre scenes, analyzing different types of audience interventions, examining the multi-faceted role of the “Joker” and much more. 

Booking Information

For pricing information, more details, and to book directly, email our communications team: