Two people in a Zoom call, dressed in professional clothing. One person stares straight forward, while the other is smiling.

In today’s digital world, workplace professionals may have easy access to answers and best practices to address the many social situations they encounter that deal with social justice, equity and mental health. Yet, without a safe space to have dialogue and experiment solutions, it might be challenging for many individuals to put these “best practices” into action. This is where Mixed Company comes in. We bring expertise in engaging community through Forum Theatre, a process that uses fun theatre-based games and role-plays, to create a safe, inclusive, accessible platform for workplaces and communities to rehearse for reality.

Why are we the right fit?

We perform and facilitate interactive and engaging workshops in workplaces. Professionally trained facilitators, through role-plays and lightning forum presentation, create a safe space to open up a discussion about issues, such as, but not limited to, bullying, discrimination, harassment and communication barriers. Using Forum Theatre techniques, we have helped transform employee groups and catalyze change in workplace dynamics.

How can we help you?

We will consult with your team and customize our programming to your organization’s needs and objectives. Our trained facilitators work with you to create engaging, interactive presentations that encourage cooperation amongst all participating members.

Explore some of our frequently requested presentations in the PDF brochure below.

Stories of Impact

Case Study

We were contacted by a large Ontario power-generating facility to assist in raising awareness of sexual harassment within the workplace. Working with management and union members, we developed a play demonstrating a worst-case scenario. During the second act, the audience members participated and discovered possible options and solutions to the issues raised within the play. This play was performed at the Metro Convention Centre for more than 1500 employees. It was so successful that a facilitation video was created and is still being utilized as a practical method of employee training.

Booking Information

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