As Toronto’s foremost Forum Theatre company, Mixed Company Theatre has been inspiring our students to create social change for over 20 years. Our school productions use Theatre of the Oppressed methodology and Forum Theatre to examine difficult social issues including: mental health stigma and support, healthy relationships and consent, and inclusion and equity. In true Theatre of the Oppressed fashion, we constantly consult with educators and the Ontario curriculum in developing each of our shows, which means that you can rest easy knowing that your Mixed Company production has been thoughtfully tailored to the needs and developmental level of your learners.

The Forum Theatre Difference

An UNESCO-recognized educational tool, FORUM THEATRE is a participatory style of theatre that is known for its effectiveness in helping students tackle the issues that directly affect them.

In a Forum Theatre production, students are invited onto the stage by a trained facilitator to enact “an intervention” where they can either replace a character or suggest a change to the story for the better. Our work is often lauded for its ability to combat “the bystander effect” by giving students the opportunity to see the positive outcomes of their interventions played out on stage. Through open and supportive Forum Theatre facilitation, students are able to share and explore strategies with one another in a safe, artistic environment.

A part of the current drama curriculum for Ontario schools, Forum Theatre productions have often been used as an educational tool to support requirements in other areas, including Language Arts, Health and Physical Education, and Social and Family Studies.

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