Project Description

In partnership with Common Ground Community House MCT will facilitate Forum Theatre workshops with Syrian newcomers building community solidarity and exploring the barriers to civic engagement in their new home.

This new Theatre and Citizenry project would focus on the concept of civic engagement as part of the integration process for newcomers to Canada, focusing on key questions like:

“How can we engage new Canadians in the public sphere? Why is it important to do so? What happens if we don’t?”

“What are the tools to participate in “civic engagement”?”

“What are the blocks to participating?”

The Process

This project will start with a series of theatre workshops with newcomer communities to consult on the major barriers and challenges that prevent newcomers from engaging fully in Canadian democracy. This will lead to the community developing a Forum Theatre play that they will present for the larger community. 

Through these performances, the community would propose and try out their own strategies for a positive, alternative ending to the story. They will have the opportunity to: 

  • Come together to collaborate, connect, and develop bonds with one another 
  • Engage in critical dialogue on an issue that universally resonates with them  
  • Access a safe space to explore grassroots responses/answers and actions to address their questions 
  • Experience theatre and the arts as a tool for creating change 


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