Four Syeatre company members stand against a wall. One person is wearing a life jacket and another is holding a basketball.

In collaboration with SYEATRE, Mixed Company presented Two Boats at Walk the Six West.

Project Description

On August 3rd and August 4th, 2019, Two Boats was performed at Walk the Six West. This free event celebrated Canada’s diverse history where the audience was guided along the Humber to see six performances.

Two Boats, was written and performed by SYEATRE and directed by Simon Malbogat in collaboration with Mixed Company Theatre. SYEATRE is a newly formed Theatre Company representing Syrian culture and stories. Mixed Company was thrilled to be apart of this production, giving a voice to newcomers and the Syrian community. The Show beautifully depicts a story of transition, ritual, and acceptance. With universal themes, It was well received at the festival.

Two Boats is a story of four Syrian newcomers and the 9380 km long journey they embarked on to create a new home for themselves. We follow their desires, wants, needs, fears, and anticipations as they bring with them their luggage, and countless memories. We discover the difficulties and the wonders of transitioning into Canadian society, and we cheer as they plant roots in their new home.

Meet the SYEATRE Actors


Esmaeel began performing at a young age and continued to pursue theatre during his time at University. Although he graduated a nurse he quickly realized theatre was his passion. After leaving Syria, he continued to work on shows in Lebanon, Turkey and now brings his talent to Canada. Since arriving, he has performed with Mixed Company Theatre in Home Away From Home and recently co-created SYEATRE to represent Syrian culture and stories. Esmaeel is also an accomplished Buzuq player.


Rahaf studied literature at Damascus University. It was during this time that she developed an interest in Drama. She performed in mime shows, interactive theatre, and musicals in Syria and Turkey. Once she arrived to Canada, Rahaf and her husband Esameel wrote the play, (Um) Mother that was first performed in 2017. She currently works as a Community Liaison and Builder in the field of Social Work. Theatre and acting are Rahaf’s passion which lead to her co-found SYEATRE. Most recently, she co-wrote the play Two Boats that was performed on an international day in Support of Victims of Torture at the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture.


Jobran is a Syrian peacebuilder, who is on a mission to build bridges among community members in the socially and politically divided Syria. He believes in building inclusive communities through dialogue, and coexistence. Jobran studied and worked in, Syria, Sudan, UAE, Egypt, France, UK, and most recently in 2016, he migrated to Canada. Jobran was awarded Chevening scholarship in 2015 for his community leadership role, through which he took his MA in Post-war Recovery Studies at the UK. In his endeavour towards building inclusive communities, he utilizes workshops, dialogue sessions, and theatre as a tool. He is currently preparing to take his second MA in Political Science at York University


Sarah was first pushed to perform while in the Scouts of Syria where she developed an interest for theatre. It was her time with Y-Peer, funded by the United Nations that she learned theatre could be used for social change. Passionate about gender equality, her work with Y-Peer lead her to explore themes of child marriage, religion, and change. Sarah is proud to be apart of SYEATRE and be a voice for refugees. In the fall of 2020, she will pursue a degree in gender studies at York University.

A promotional poster for "Two Boats".