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In addition to our programming for students, we can run Forum Theatre workshops and presentations for educators tailored to address pressing concerns and challenges they face in their roles. The participatory nature of our Forum Theatre programming makes it a highly effective way for for school staff to collaboratively find new solutions to address a variety of issues such as classroom management, educator mental health, and the challenges of teaching remotely.

Topics We Can Address

  • Maintaining student engagement with learning
  • Addressing diversity and equity related challenges
  • Improving educator mental health
  • Fostering healthy working relationships
  • Finding ways to connect with students virtually
  • Enhancing positive and supportive leadership skills
  • And much more!


Depending on the number of educators at your school who are interested in attending the session, you can book either a Forum Theatre workshop, or a Lightning Forum Theatre presentation. All of our offerings can be delivered virtually, but if you are interested in an in person program, please inquire with our communications team to determine if that is available for your school’s area.

See below for further information on each format.

Our Forum Theatre workshops give your team the opportunity to explore complex social issues in a safe, facilitated environment.

Your participants will engage in theatre exercises such as storytelling, image theatre, sculpting, and tableaux creation to share their experiences, and develop awareness about how they can take action to make positive change for themselves.


Duration: 75 – 90 minutes

Audience Size: Up to 20

In consultation with you and your team, we will create a Forum Theatre presentation addressing your chosen topics and our actors present it for you. Audience members are then invited onto the stage by a trained facilitator to enact “an intervention” where they can either replace a character or suggest a change to the story for the better.

It is a high-impact and highly engaging platform for dialogue and discussion in a very safe and collaborative environment.


Duration: 75 – 90 minutes

Audience Size: Up to 100

Booking Information

To book or inquire about our offerings, please write to communications@mixedcompanytheatre.com.