Mixed Company Theatre has developed an effective and unique approach for using theatre as a tool for social change.

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We have been creating powerful socially engaged theatre since 1983. We are dedicated to helping people rehearse for real-life situations of oppression, thereby empowering communities to address these issues and make strides towards a better world for everyone.

We specialize in facilitating theatre programs stemming from the Theatre of the Oppressed methodology originated by Augusto Boal. Over the years, we have adapted this methodology into a unique and effective approach to catalyze social change.

We have an incredible team of staff members and associate artists who bring our projects to life.

We are grateful to our incredible supporters whose generosity enables us to bring our programming to diverse communities.

MCT has a wonderful Board of Directors that steers the direction of our company.

MCT is grateful to have received a variety of awards for our impactful work.

Educators, clients, and participants of our programs have given voice to their experiences working with MCT and our unique approach.

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