Touring beautiful Northern Ontario… Serge

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New Liskeard LandmarkDriving hundreds of kilometres, meeting a 40 foot: lumberjack, bison and trout was not something we expected, but definitely took advantage of and took record of.
Drive to Timmins, stop in New Liskeard at a truck stop where the nacho portions were massive.
Continue….stop at a convenience store….”These speakers are free?!?!?!?!?! Now we can listen to our ipods since there’s no auxiliary in the van.”
Continue to Timmins…Rocking out with the free speakers that produce very minimal volume…show in Timmins where everything is 24hours, WHY????.
Continue to Cochrane…show…check!
Go straight to Smooth Rock Falls…show…check!
Go immediately back to New Liskeard where we collectively chant “Pool, pool, pool, pool, pool, pool,” like 5 year olds at the sight of the hotel pool.
Sleep in an amazing room…Thank you Holiday Inn Express…Thank you Kristin!!!!
Show the next day…what to do in New Liskeard…What? Karaoke on a Wednesday night…What? The locals are asking us where we’re from every few minutes….What? We rock it out in New Liskeard.
Sleep…day off of performing…have conference call…good stuff!!!!
Hike a beautiful trail…fantastic….Afternoon tea? Don’t mind if we do.
Drive back…ending with Bohemian Rhapsody…AWESOME!!!!

Welcome to our new Forum Artists!

Today has been the start of rehearsal for our 5th year performing Mixed Messages for colleges and universities in Southern Ontario.  Mixed Messages creates dialogue about sexual assault on a college/university campus and the grey areas that exist as we navigate new relationships while under the influence of alcohol and drugs.  Having just walked out of rehearsal, I am extremely excited about the artists involved in this year’s production and I want to introduce them to you.

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the new team.

Michelle Jedrezejewski


Using theatre as a tool for social awareness and change is one of the things Michelle loves about this profession and this company, so she couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining the cast of Mixed Messages as Teesha.

Michelle recently played Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (The Rose Theatre) and Wendy in Top Gun! The Musical (The Lower Ossington Theatre). Other select favourite theatre credits include Viola in Twelfth Night, Gwendolen in The Importance of Being Earnest, Catherine in Waiting for the Parade, the Woman in the V-Day World Premiere of The Treatment and Rachel in Voices (a production she co-created with fellow company members of Theatre After Four).  Michelle extends her sincerest thanks to the Mixed Company Theatre team for this extraordinary opportunity and her family and friends for their love and support.

Catherine Martel


Film/ TV: Between Heaven and Ground Zero; The Atrophy (Web); Lovers & Strangers; Audition Me; Teach’er; Human Extinction League. Theatre: Our Town; Bleaker Street Blues; Five Women Wearing the same Dress; Bye Bye Birdie; Anne of Green Gables: The Musical; Wonderland Other: Second City; Humber Film & TV; Catherine also writes and works in technical production. She currently lives in Toronto is working on producing her first film.

Michael Iliadis


Theatre credits: Far From the Heart (Sheatre); An Inspector Calls, Tons of Money, Johnny Belinda, Pygmalion (The Montgomery Theatre); Red Light Winter (Another Theatre Co.); Scrooge: A New Years Carol (Bain & Bernard Comedy/St. Lawrence SF); Pride and Prejudice (The Grand Theatre); Bent (Theatre Engine); Blood Buds, School’s Out! (Beggar’s Bag Theatre); The “You’ve Never Seen Anything Like It” Show!, Time Machine Adventure Time! (Bain & Bernard Comedy/The Junction Arts Festival), A Glendale Christmas (Hamilton Fringe), Anything Goes (Unionville Theatre Company); The Drawer Boy (Richmond Hill Curtain Club); graduate of the Ryerson Theatre School Acting Program.

More to come from the team:

A conversation with Michael Iliadis –  Creating dialogue with youth about sexual assault.

Stay wired. 🙂