Adventures up North… Janie

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In the little town of BlindRiver, on a snowy morning, we….“la gang du Projet Actif” bought our daily Tim Hortons timbits, ate and were on our way to the beautiful Jeunesse-Nord school.

The cast and I were all relieved to have survived the spooky Halloween night in this tiny unfamiliar town and to finish the week with a group of 70 students. The quiet, though attentive group reacted well to the 1st part of the presentation and one student in particular surprised me during the interventions. Improvising with the students, I’ve heard many similar phrases or tactics in order to help Shona with her eating disorder, the one student pointed out something new! Shona’s character was comparing herself to stars like Taylor Swift or models in her Seventeen Magazine and clearly stated that she NEEDED to become as slim as them. The student answered with complete confidence and simplicity saying “Well Shona, have you heard of Photoshop? Everything in your magazine is photoshoped and unrealistic!!”

It brought me great joy to know that teens out there are aware of this and this was a wonderful moment for our joker, Cassandra, to elaborate on! Later …. We listened to MJ the whole way to Sudbury, MAMA SE MAMA SA MAMA KUSA!

T’was a lovely day indeed!