Get to Know Us! MCT’s New Design/Arts Admin Intern

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Shellana has been interning with Mixed Company Theatre since February – you might recognize some of her work, such as the layout of the program from this year’s school touring show Half Full, or the poster for our most recent InterGEN workshop.

Many more of Shellana’s designs are going to be made public in the next few months, and she’s been helping a ton behind the scenes as well. We love her sense of artistry, and we wanted to get to know a little bit about the person behind the multifaceted creativity.

1. Tell us about yourself.

I was born in the Philippines, and lived there until I was about five years of age. My family and I then migrated to New Jersey, where we lived for about five more years. After that we moved to Toronto, and have been here ever since. Now, at twenty years of age, I am in my third year at Ryerson University, studying the creative industry. I have always been interested in drawing, and intend to go back to school to study graphic arts. In my spare time I like to stretch my talents towards amateur voice acting. I love to volunteer at arts and culture events in Toronto. One example is my experience volunteering at Inside Out, the LGBT community film festival.

2. Can you recall any memorable experiences within the arts?

I remember when I still lived in New Jersey, in the third grade, there was a National Poster Contest for school aged kids. Basically the contest holders were asking students to draw their own safety poster. I placed first in the country, and a photo of me holding the first place plaque was published in the paper. I also won a cash prize of $75! You can’t buy too much with $75 now, but back when i was in third grade I guess it was a big deal.

3. What exactly drew you to MCT?

I was in search of some arts administration experience, because that’s where I intend to focus my career. I subscribed to the Art Council’s volunteer board, and came across MCT’s ad saying they were looking for volunteers to handle arts administration, among other duties. I responded, and after a meeting with Kristin, the Artistic Projects Manager, I was named MCT’s newest intern.

4. What do you intend to gain from being an intern at MCT?

Mainly experience. As someone who intends to have a thriving career in arts administration, the experience with MCT could be really beneficial to my future. Currently, I am working closely with Ayla, MCT’s Outreach Coordinator. The different aspects of outreach are also something I’m interested in.

5. How has your experience with MCT been so far?

Pretty cool, the atmosphere is pretty chill. I love the fact that I get to return to doing what I love, which is drawing. At other places where I’ve volunteered we would literally sit at our respective spaces for there hours without talking. It isn’t like that at MCT.

6. Where do you see yourself in the next 2-3 years?

Graduated from university, I want to get out of that place! I would like to be working and, as I’ve mentioned before, I would like to go back to school to study animation or graphic arts. My mom tells me to try selling my art, but the selling is the hardest part of the artistic process.


Thanks for sharing, Shellana!