Project Description

Skills to Succeed was a performative presentation and workshop aimed at helping youth build confidence, self-awareness and develop essential job skills. This unique blend of performance, practical job skill tutorials and theatrical games, scenes, and activities were designed to engage youth through active learning.

In the performance, students witnessed dramatized scenarios of real interview situations and then were given the opportunity to go onstage and rehearse for reality.

In the workshop, trained facilitators guided youth through exercises and activities, creating an open environment that offered practical, hands on learning for the participants.

Skills to Succeed assisted youth in acquiring tools to confront challenges, explore options, and become confident in their ability to secure a job!

Project Goals

  • Improve interview skills
  • Build Confidence/self-awareness
  • Learn how to present themselves in the job market
  • Learn the importance of first impression, appearance and attitude
  • Become more approachable and better prepared for the hiring process

92% of youth said they would recommend Skills to Succeed.
94% of youth said they were more confident in their interviewing skills.

Mixed Company Theatre toured Skills to Succeed during the year to different schools, youth shelters, and colleges around the GTA. It started as a workshop series sponsored by Accenture, and was re-built in consultation with over 600 youth between the ages of 15- 24 into a 75 min performance!

Project Sponsor

The logo for Accenture.