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This program was created to support emerging artists developing theatrical productions that align with our mandate—to create art for social change. Project Boomerang was the first collective MCT supported in creating their workshop production Unemployment Unanimous.

Unemployment Unanimous was a response to the overwhelming media attention on Millennials. Project Boomerang’s nine emerging artists came from diverse artistic backgrounds to form a collective and create a fresh perspective on the issues surrounding Millennials. Project Boomerang went beyond the media hype to ask the tough questions around expectation, entitlement and adaptability. “What exactly is the problem? Are we to blame for our lack of employment prospects? Can the problem be fixed or is it time to learn to adapt?”

In Unemployment Unanimous, audiences followed a 12- step program with Project Boomerang in an inter-active performance workshop that used multimedia, sound, found text, and movement to investigate these realities. The group sought to find a solution to post-graduation job opportunities, staggering student debt, and the high cost of living in comparison with previous generations.

Performances | At Mixed Company Theatre

April 25th & 26th, 2014 | 8:00 PM


This workshop production was created and performed by Kristin Bartlett, Emma Bulpin, Nicole De Angelis, Jenna Harris, Emma Letki, Erin McCluskey, Michael Reinhart, Aidan Sheppard and Meara Tubman-Broeren.


“Theatre that’s successfully interactive and relatable isn’t the easiest feat to perform, but Project Boomerang, Mixed Company Theatre’s emerging artists collective, does a solid job of building an experience that’s thoughtful, immersive and truly entertaining.”

– Lauren Stein, Mooney on Theatre

A promotional poster for "Unemployment Unanimous" which includes performance details.

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