Past Shows

Show Title Topics Covered Grade Level(s)
The Green Show An interactive and ‘ECO’ – taining look at being environmentally friendly Grades 1-6
Elementary Workshop Series MCT facilitators help students develop real-time and age-appropriate strategies in effective communication methods, conflict resolution and social-emotional learning, teaching them ways to deal with topics such as bullying, self-esteem, peer pressure, etc. Grades 1-6
Project ACT An interactive play about physical activity, healthy eating and substance misuse prevention Grades 7-9
The Bully Show: Clown in the Round An interactive play dealing with bullying Grades 2-6
A Fine Line An interactive play about harassment Grades 9-12
DISS An interactive play about youth violence and the dangers of gang involvement Grades 9-12
Showdown An interactive play about anti-bullying Grades 6-10
The 10% Reality An interactive play about bullying and homophobia Grades 7-11
Under Pressure An interactive play about STI/HIV awareness Grades 9-12
What If..? An interactive play tackling alcohol, drugs, and peer pressure Grades 9-12
Wishworld An interactive play about cyber-bullying Grades 7-9