Play Synopsis

Teesha struggles with social pressures and the influences of her peers – like her childhood friend, Kim, who likes to party, and Eric, a new romantic interest. One evening, at a party, impaired judgment and miscommunication result in unwanted and tragic circumstances.

Mixed Messages was a Forum Theatre presentation that aimed to address issues of drugs, alcohol and consent. In each show, the Facilitator asked students to discuss what could have been said or done differently to make clearer choices and allow someone to find their voice in uncomfortable situations. The show covered concrete, interactive education topics included in the Ontario Health and Physical Education curriculum for elementary and high schools. It created a platform for students to come up on stage and enact “an intervention” or suggest a change to create a positive outcome to the situation presented.

Mixed Messages was written by Luciano Iogna.

Presentation Goals

  • Empower teens to make healthy choices.
  • Inform students on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Provide students with a toolbox of positive options and solutions to peer pressure.
  • Catalyze discussion about consent.

Tour Details

This presentation was performed for grades six to twelve students in the GTA and surroundings areas during the Spring of 2018.

Teachers’ Guide

Have a look at our Teachers’ Guide that aimed to help educators facilitate and continue the conversation around consent before and after viewing the presentation!

Audience Responses

“Made me more aware for not only myself, but my friends and the kinds of pressure and situations I can help prevent by being savvy about how I choose to act…”

“I appreciated how the speaker and actors helped to guide students to understand different ways to change situations under peer pressure. I also found it helpful to hear about other students’ way of protecting themselves.”