Play Description

“What would do you do if your worst influence was your best friend?”

Frenemies was an anti-bullying play developed by RBC Arts Professional Award winner Andrea Scott, which was presented for students during anti-bullying week in 2014. The play followed a young student, Leah, as she struggled to fit in at a new school after a family tragedy.

This production explored themes of toxic friendships, peer pressure, and isolation.

Tour Details

This production was performed for grades three to six in the GTA and surrounding areas from November 3rd to 21st, 2014.

What Educators Have Said About Our Elementary Programming:

“The students were thrilled to be apart of an exciting, humourous and thoughtful interactive presentation about bullying. Their enthusiasm and mindful comments after the show effectively mirrored the seriousness of their concern for schoolmates who have been bullied.”
—Janet B., Teacher, HWDSB

“A very good, thought-provoking performance that was an effective springboard for further conversation in my classroom.”