Written by Rex Deverell
A play about cyber-bullying
for Grades 7-9

Written by Chalmers award-winner Rex Deverell, WISHWORLD tackles cyber-bullying in a play that features 14-year-old Trini. After being both psychologically and verbally bullied at school, Trini comes home to find that the bullying has followed her through cyberspace via e-mails and text messages. Trini escapes to WISHWORLD, a fantasy computer game in which she is a powerful, beautiful heroine who is always victorious against the forces of evil. Leveraging her new-found power, Trini seeks revenge and becomes a cyber-bully herself—only to discover a deep secret about her real-life nemesis, Hilary.

What will be the effects and consequences of Trini’s bullying? Why does Hilary feel the need to oppress Trini? Is it too late to create some positive changes in the story?

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For best quality of facilitation, we recommend a maximum audience of 200

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