Mixed Company Theatre is proud to present Broadleaf Theatre’s acclaimed production on environmental preservation and activism, THE CHEMICAL VALLEY PROJECT.

“I had the moment when I was like, I can’t breathe. I was wheezing for a long time, and it was getting to the point where it was suffocating me…” ~ Vanessa Gray, The Chemical Valley Project

Play Synopsis

Two siblings, Vanessa and Lindsay Gray, have dedicated themselves to protecting the land and water of Aamjiwnaang, an Indigenous community of 800 residents, from being smothered by Canada’s petrochemical industry. The chemicals produced by the 57 petrochemical factories that surround their community are known to have a devastating impact on the health and well-being of residents in both Aamjiwnaang and the surrounding Sarnia-Lambton County.

With the dramaturgy and advisement of the Gray siblings, theatre artists Kevin Matthew Wong and Julia Howman tell a true story of environmental injustice in our own backyard and our shared responsibility in the protection of our environment.

Through a unique blend of documentary-theatre, projection design, and object puppetry, this powerful solo show sought to spark conversations on Canadian environmental policy, treaty rights and Indigenous relations, as well as what it means to be a Canadian citizen.

Mixed Company Theatre offered this “thoughtful and inspiring” show (NOW Magazine) to students across the GTA in the Fall of 2018.

“Wow! Every high school student should see this… Students are the next generation, the ones who will have the deal with our numerous environmental and social mistakes, and a show like THE CHEMICAL VALLEY PROJECT is an excellent way to plant a seed of consciousness in their minds.”

– Anne-Marie Loiselle, Teacher