75-90 min | Max 350-400 students | Recommended for Grades 5+

Our scenario based Lighting Forum Theatre Presentations give you the opportunity to choose from a range of issues while maintaining the engaging, participatory style of a Forum Theatre show.

In these presentations, a story representing an issue is performed (the first act) by actors. Students are then invited onto the stage by a trained facilitator to enact “an intervention” where they can either replace a character or suggest a change to the story for the better. A trained Forum Theatre facilitator (the Joker) prepares and encourages participants to replace the actors on the stage and to change the story in a constructive way.

Students get most of the presentation time to replace characters and act out their own solutions – it is a high-impact and highly engaging platform for dialogue and discussion in a very safe and collaborative environment.

This year we are offering four Lightning Forum Presentation options for schools to choose from, depending on your goals and learning objectives.


Conflict arises among friends as they struggle with maintaining personal relationships, and mental health challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Driving Question: How can we recognize the signs and support students experiencing mental health challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Key Presentation Themes:

  • Supportive mental health allyship
  • Recognizing the signs of mental health challenges in peers
  • Combatting mental health stigma
  • Pandemic specific mental health concerns

“It’s Not Okay

A promotional flyer for "It's Not Okay". It includes a photo of someone standing with their back against a wall, as well as a brief description of the play.

LGBTQ2S+ students experience a variety of insensitive comments and actions both in the classroom and during their extracurricular activities.

Driving Question: How can we work together to build a more tolerant and inclusive environment for LGBTQ2S+ and BIPOC students?

Key Presentation Themes:

  • “Tokenism”
  • Supportive allyship
  • Tolerance, diversity, and inclusion
  • Intersections of race & LGBTQ2S+ challenges

“Culture Clash”

A promotional flyer for "Culture Clash". It has an image of two people sitting on  bench, facing away form each other, as well as a brief description of the play.

Students experience a myriad of assumptions, stereotypes, and harmful dismissals while working with peers of different cultural backgrounds.

Driving Question: How can we disrupt cultural privilege in the school environment and foster greater awareness of cultural differences?

Key Presentation Themes:

  • Cultural privilege
  • Racial/cultural micro-aggressions
  • Systemic power imbalances
  • Cultural bias and assumptions

Tailor-Made LFTs

If you are interested in a topic not covered in one of our pre-designed presentations, write to us and we can customize a presentation for your school!

Sample Topics:

  • Gender Based Violence
  • Gang Violence
  • Bullying & Cyber Bullying
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Anti-Racism
  • And much more!

Booking Information

For full descriptions of the programs and delivery options available for your school, click to download the brochure for your school’s area:

MCT School Programming Brochure 2021-22

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