A photo of two actors performing in a production over Zoom. One actor is smiling, and holding a video game controller. The other actor is touching their temple.


Our scenario based Lighting Forum Theatre Presentations, now available COMPLETELY VIRTUALLY, give you the opportunity to choose from a range of issues while maintaining the engaging, participatory style of a Forum Theatre show.

In these presentations, a story representing an issue is performed (the first act) by actors over video conferencing software. Students are then invited onto the (virtual) stage by a trained facilitator to enact “an intervention” where they can either replace a character or suggest a change to the story for the better. A trained Forum Theatre facilitator (the Joker) prepares and encourages participants to replace the actors on the virtual stage (Zoom screen) and to change the story in a constructive way.

Students get most of the presentation time to replace characters and act out their own solutions – it is a high-impact and highly engaging platform for dialogue and discussion in a very safe and collaborative environment.

This year we are offering three Lightning Forum Presentation options for schools to choose from, depending on your goals and learning objectives.

Option A) “Disconnected”

A virtual Lightning Forum Theatre presentation on student mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic.

Quinn, Renee, and Tony are working together on a school project through Zoom. Quinn feels pressure from their group members to participate even though they are struggling with unreliable technology. Then, Quinn and Renee each arrive late to another friend, Jeff’s, birthday party because of family issues and mental health challenges, which prompts Jeff to leave in frustration. Renee’s attempts to get Quinn to realize the joy in life again and to just “figure out” their mental health challenges leaves Quinn feeling invalidated and the two friends in conflict.

These scenes prompt students and educators to consider questions like…

  • What are the signs of poor or deteriorating mental wellbeing?
  • How can we be supportive mental health allies to one another during this time of social distancing?
  • What can we do to reduce stigma around mental wellness in our school communities?


Semester: Available until June 2021

Duration: 75-90 minutes

Max Audience: 350 – 400

Delivery: Virtual

Option B) “It’s Not Okay”

A virtual Lightning Forum Theatre presentation exploring challenges BIPOC & LGBTQ2S+ students experience at school.

In the first scene, Lane is offered an exciting opportunity to join student council by current members Noelle and Sona, but their reasons for doing so seem less about Lane’s accomplishments and more about her race and sexual orientation. Then, Gabe tells their class over Zoom about their changed pronouns, which results in misgendering and uncomfortable attention from the teacher, as well as mocking from other students. In the final scene, debates about the student council’s budget bring out anti-LGBTQ2S+ sentiment based on religious beliefs.

These scenes prompt students and educators to consider questions like…

  • How can we ensure appropriate representation without turning it into ‘tokenism’?
  • What actions can you take as an ally to create a supportive environment at school for LGBTQ2S+ students?
  • How can we foster inclusion, tolerance, and empathy in our school communities at large?


Semester: Available until June 2021

Duration: 75-90 minutes

Max Audience: 350-400

Delivery: Virtual

Option C) Customizable Lightning Forum Presentations

If you would like to book a presentation on a topic not covered in either “Disconnected” or “It’s Not Okay,” we are also offering customizable Lightning Forum presentations which can address a variety of issues within social justice, equity and mental health.

The presentation format is the same as in our special Mental Health Lightning Forum Presentation but in this option you are given greater flexibility to choose the topics, themes, and sub-themes you would like addressed in the final presentation.


Semester: Available all year round!

Duration: 75-90 minutes

Max Audience: 350 – 400

Delivery: Virtual

Topics we can explore…

  • Gender Based Violence
  • LGBTQS+ Discrimination
  • Bullying + Cyber-bullying
  • Student Mental Health + Wellbeing
  • And many more!

Booking Information

For more information on our offerings, click the link to download our brochure (PDF document): School Programming Brochure 2020-21

To inquire about booking either of these options, discuss partnering with another school or discounts for multiple presentations, contact our communications team!