Two actors looking at each other in a scene from "In Your Head". One person is in the middle of speaking.

Presentation Description

IN YOUR HEAD takes us into the lives of Rayna and her brother Sam as they deal with the increasingly complicated world of high school and “growing up.” Why is Sam suddenly having a hard time at home and in school? How can they be there for one another? Is there anyone else that can help out?

Written by renowned playwright Luciano Iogna and directed by MCT Artistic Director Simon Malbogat, this interactive Forum Theatre show will specifically focus on the stigma against mental disorders and engage students in a dialogue on how we can all be better mental health allies to each other.

Like all our Forum Theatre productions, this show is inspired by real stories from teens to ensure that our play reflect the issues that matter the most to your students.

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Educator Resource Guide 

Mixed Company Theatre’s learning guides assist educators in fully integrating Mixed Company productions into their learning modules. In the guide you will find classroom games, important information concerning ally-ship and stigma as well as links to resources for students and Teachers.

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More Information

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