Play Synopsis

Josh is a jokester who enjoys running track and creeping his classmates on Facebook. Despite minor insecurities, life is good–until somebody starts an anonymous social media campaign against him. Josh finds it difficult to deal with the embarrassment and humiliation. Suddenly, day-to-day stresses of family life and school start to overwhelm Josh, as he wrestles with his growing anxiety.

Through open and supportive facilitation, this play lead students to discuss what Josh and others in the play could do to deal with anxiety.

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Half Full toured to schools from April 1-7 and during Mental Health Week, May 1-9, 2017.

Audience Response

After seeing Half Full 84% of students reported an increased comfort talking about mental health

“This play made me relate to the stress in my life now. I have been trying to identify it, but this play was exactly like what I was going through.”

“This show was very realistic, entertaining, exciting and educational, it made me realize how big of a problem anxiety is and what it is. I would recommend this show to anyone”

“The actors were great, and very gracious to stay and talk with our kids afterwards. Thank you!! It sparked a lot of good dialogue in the school!”


Simon Malbogat – Artistic Director

Catherine Frid – Playwright

Sarah Friedlander – Production Designer

More Information

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