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Mixed Company Theatre is delighted to be a recommender again this year for the Ontario Arts Council’s “Recommenders for Theatre Creators” granting program. This program assists theatre creators with developing new work. Each recommender organization receives a budget allocation and is authorized to receive, assess, and submit their grant recommendations to OAC for approval. 

Mixed Company Theatre is a charitable, equal opportunity arts organization whose mission is to create innovative, socially-relevant drama as a tool for positive change. Through this program, we aim to support and build relationships with artists who are passionate about creating theatrical work that celebrates the role of theatre in social justicecommunity-building, and social change. 

​We are open to applications for online theatrical presentations, provided they fulfill the other criteria outlined below.

**Priority will also be given to original works by artists of colour, Indigenous, and new generation (18-30 years old) artists.**


Artists must submit applications to recommenders through Nova, OAC’s online application and grants management system. Recommender organizations will log into Nova to review and assess the applications.

Applications outside of Nova will not be accepted. Although, some exceptions may be possible based on OAC’s Inclusive Application Process Policy.

All artists wishing to be considered by Mixed Company Theatre must submit their application by Friday December 11th, 2020.

Applicants are expected to briefly describe their project and its objectives in the application process. Project descriptions should include:

– A resume/CV

– A detailed project outline including timeline, objectives, and milestones

– An excerpt from their play (max. 15 pages)

– A detailed budget

– Supporting audio/visual materials (optional)

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

– The quality, design, and originality of the artist’s vision and overall application

– The artist’s experience, training, qualifications, and professional recognition

– The suitability of the proposed project for the proposed physical setting and potential audience

– A realistic budget (including costs for virtual/digital programming as needed)

– Artists must be Ontario residents and fulfill all other criteria outlined by OAC

– Priority is placed on (but not limited to) artists who express their passion to

    • use Theatre of the Oppressed and other anti-oppression paradigms in their creative approach
    • use theatre as a tool for social change or to create community engaged works

– Priority is also given to original works by artists of colour, Indigenous, and new generation (18-30 years old) artists

PLEASE NOTE: Each applicant may make a maximum of TEN (10) applications to this program, to ten different recommenders.

Apply Here: