Elder Care Workshops

Mixed Company Theatre, with the support of the Government of Ontario Senior Community Grant Program, is bringing our popular community-based workshops to seniors across the GTA this fall and winter. Our Elder Care Workshops seek to empower senior citizens and address the pressing issue of elder abuse in our communities. In these workshops, participants will be led through a series of exercises and activities developed from Theatre of the Oppressed/ Forum Theatre methodology that will provide seniors with the tools to express and address issues relating to elder care and abuse. The Elder Care program is also designed to address diverse groups of seniors, including newcomer/refugee groups.

During the workshop, seniors will:

  • Acquire the communication tools to identify and share elder abuse/care experiences while participating in facilitated confidence-boosting ice breakers and trust games.
  • Safely explore and build actionable solutions to the pressing challenges they face through the creation of image-based theatre scenes.
  • Receive information and resources on elder care and abuse.

Time: 2-3 hours (negotiable)

No. of Participants: 15 to 30 (negotiable)

Methodology: Image-based and storytelling theatre exercises, conversation circles

Space requirement: An open space for active movement

Materials: Flip charts, pens, markers

Administrative Fees: $85+HST

Workshops will be conducted in English and an interpreter can be engaged if required.

Contact us now to bring Elder Care workshops to your organization!

Call 416-515-8080 or email info@mixedcompanytheatre.com