4 people are on a stage. A man is speaking and gesturing forward. 2 people are seated at a table looking toward him. 1 woman is standing in the background.

How to Book with MCT

Photo by Aaron D’souza

Mixed Company Theatre facilitates workshops and interactive performances on various social justice, equity, and mental health topics. We have brought our engaging programming to audiences in schools, community organizations, corporations, and conferences to address pressing concerns through a safe and collaborative artistic approach.

If you are interested in booking a program for your group, reach out to our team using the contact information below to set up an initial conversation to discuss possibilities. We will take you through all necessary paperwork, and consult with you on the themes and objectives you would like to cover with the program. From the information you provide, we work with our artists to develop and deliver the program to your group, guided by an experienced facilitator. We can bring our programming to your group in person, or virtually.


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