Wanted: Volunteer Committee Members!

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Mixed Company Theatre is looking for Volunteer committee members for our annual gala!


MCT’s will celebrate its 30+ Anniversary with an interactive fundraising event! This evening will be a combination of carnival-like games and MCT’s performances, around a 50’s version of a fun fair theme. We will present MCT’s up-coming Intergenerational programming with teens and older adults, through multi-media art forms, including dance, music, song and excerpts from plays. This will allow the guests to see what their donations are supporting and how our methodologies help give diverse communities a voice. This event will help MCT raise funds in a dynamic and entertaining way. We will provide entertainment, food, and drinks. Get prepared for an awesome celebration of positive change!

Mixed Company Theatre is looking for volunteers interested in joining our Fundraiser Event Committee. The volunteer committee members will help organize this Fundraiser Event and help out in various capacities. Weekly meetings will be organized to plan the steps needed execute this project. We are looking for candidates interested in:

  • Project & Entertainment management
  • Event planning
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Design, Production and logistical assistance
  • Front of House & Serving

Mixed Company Theatre invites all interested applicants!

Contact Amelie Sterchi
Email: info@mixedcompanytheatre.com
(416) 515-8080

Download the posting here: Volunteer Posting_Gala Fundraiser