Kathryn Boyd

A Forum Theatre Training Reflection

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Kathryn Boyd
Kathryn Boyd

MCT’s annual Forum Theatre Training Workshop Series is rapidly approaching. We thought you would like to hear from a past participant, now MCT facilitator, Kathryn Boyd. We ask her about her experience with our forum theatre training and being a facilitator.

What was your biggest takeway from the workshop?

The power of sculptures – to quickly capture the intangible (a feeling, or idea) and as a tool to relate with others.  The sculpture becomes a dialogue between people.  (I was reminded of these things during the workshop).

Has your training with MCT informed your work? 

I would say YES.  It reconnected me to the possibilities when making ideas concrete through action – really the ability to play with ideas, thoughts, and feelings.  This is very important, also allowing us to tap into the knowledge in our bodies – and not just the ideas in my mind.

What elements of the workshop have you incorporated into your teaching? 

I really appreciated the ideas of the “masks of manipulation” – in my counselling work I deal with issues of control and violence and manipulation regularly – it is very helpful to think of these things in terms of masks people wear and as such to think creatively about the ways I can interact with those masks (oppressive forces) – and to think about what mask I need to wear when I am interacting with specific oppressive masks.  These ideas are very relevant in my work as a therapist.

How does facilitation follows you in your daily life?

I try to hold on to the ideas of asking open-ended questions.  I think about my relationship to the group always.  I am mindful of power dynamics.

Kathryn Boyd is an actor, therapist and group facilitator.